A brand story to empower the largest selfcare organization in Europe.

What started as a pharmacists’ cooperative just outside Paris more than 100 years ago, has evolved into the largest independent selfcare organization in Europe. Today, more than 80,000 pharmacists advise Cooper selfcare solutions. The continuing growth due to a buy & build strategy requests a solid group narrative to align the whole Cooper organisation. A purpose driven brand strategy will drive everything into the collective focus and will position Cooper Consumer Health as the leading innovative brand in it’s category. 

Selfcare with confidence.

Selfcare is about putting people in charge of their own health.That’s why selfcare depends on confidence. The essence of the developed strategy story for internal and external stakeholders. A visual strategy with colors, typography and identity imagery about providing the confidence people need to practise selfcare.The group embodies this confidence and the alliance of its centenary history with the rigorous scientific testing of its products, the expert advice of its researchers, pharmacists and collaborators, and its commitment to consumers and their everyday health and wellbeing needs.

Dedicated to improve daily health and wellbeing for everyone.

Cooper Consumer Health innovates and produces selfcare solutions because they believe in advancing good health and wellbeing for individuals and our communities as well. After all, as selfcare helps people take charge of their own individual health and wellbeing, it also helps society at large by reducing costs and demand for healthcare services.

As Cooper Consumer Health moves into the future, they will continue to innovate and further advance with natural ingredients, personalisation and digital technology. In addition to improving our own quality of life, as Cooper Consumer Health practices responsible selfcare, we also help society as a whole. When practising responsible selfcare, we do not need to go with every question or little problem to a doctor, which helps save time and costs, for us and for the health system. In large scale, this eventually helps to reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

Cooper Consumer Health
brand optimization:
From player to leader

– Brand narrative design
– Visual basics design
– Value proposition design
– Positioning strategy design
– Marketing activation ideation

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