Four tomato plant companies with one shared vision.

Four different modern tomato plant companies see that if they combine their individual strengths into one recognizable face, they can serve their customers as a stronger partner. In addition, this collaboration enables them to renew, grow and market tasty quality tomatoes on a large scale (42 ha) all year round. As a combined force, they can offer the solution for the European retail market that is looking for a flexible and cooperative partner in tomatoes. Because in addition to reliable delivery, they bring bundled knowledge about packaging, marketing and other related matters that has a strengthening effect in a market where anticipatory ability and high quality are becoming increasingly important.

Your Fresh retail partner.

Den Berk Délice wants to be the Fresh Retail Partner of Europe. Fresh Retail Partner is the brand strategy with which Den Berk Délice wants to realize its ambition. However, they want to go beyond partnership. They want to lead the way so that they stand out in the European market with innovative products. Den Berk Délice will continuously look for an even better, quality and tastier tomato in all possible colors and sizes in order to serve the needs of the market even better. A motivation to tap into new sales markets in Europe where their tomatoes will literally be groundbreaking.

Growing sustainable value with a shared interest.

With Den Berk Délice as a physical form of cooperation, the collaborating greenhouse horticulturists want to be a collaborative partner for retailers and wholesalers with their own tomato concepts and packaging. As a Fresh Retail Partner, Ben Berk Délice cultivates sustainable value. In doing so, they say that as a reliable and flexible partner, they are committed to mutual growth, development, cooperation and long-term trust. They do this by sharing the interest in tomatoes with their customers and employees. In doing so, they place concepts, quality, taste and partnership at the center of their offer, which consists of a groundbreaking range of tomato concepts and packaging.

Den Berk Délice brand transition:
From player(s) to leader

– Brand narrative design
– Visual identity redesign
– Visual directions design
– Group model design
– Partnership design
– European sales strategy design
– Value proposition design
– Positioning strategy design
– Strategic consulting

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Creation for a new revelation.

Vitalisation for a next generation.

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