The ingredient for a conscious breakfast moment.

Ingrid Cleen loves muesli for breakfast. Until recently, there were several muesli boxes and yogurt bowls on the table every morning. In order to experience her breakfast moment more consciously, Ingrid went looking for a healthier, more nutritious and tastier alternative, with her own hand-roasted muesli as a result. The idea arose to share that intense and conscious breakfast moment with the outside world.

Your intense morning moment.

The MRNG concept was born. A home-made muesli brand in which MRNG – short for ‘morning’ – promises an intense MRNG moment. MRNG wants to be the ingredient for everyone who likes to enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast. Therefore only fresh and organic ingredients are used: oatmeal, puffed kamut, seeds, nuts and dried fruits or chocolate, without added sugars or preservatives.

Fresh and hand-roasted from Antwerp.

MRNG wants to position itself as a traditional muesli maker between home-made muesli and factory muesli. The muesli is hand-roasted in small batches and is packaged and shipped straight from the oven. This labor-intensive approach requires multiple production locations on a larger scale in the form of artisanal MRNG Ateliers.

Brand foundation:
From intention to creation.

– Identity┬ádesign
– Logo design
– Brand narrative design
– Visual brand design
– Business plan design
– Consumer service design
– Value proposition design
– Positioning strategy design

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