Manage and make your transition to clean energy.

StellaPower is a new company in energy transition. It helps companies with fossil energy flows with their transition to a seamless and fully integrated clean energy platform. To do so, StellaPower empowers the whole operation.They take care of everything, they manage the process and operational impact to connect companies to clean energy without any hassle. As part of Green-Giraffe, a global player in renewable energy, StellaPower even supports project equity as well to speed up the transition and a positive business case for its customers.

Connecting you to clean energy as a service.

Sustaining our world with clean energy is at the center of everything StellaPower does. That’s why they have made it their mission to connect companies to clean energy in thinking and doing, so they can be released of conventional energy sources. By connecting their customers to clean energy, StellaPower speeds up reduction of carbon and cost. A very smart ‘CEaaS’ solution to invest in a smart transition to clean energy. Very interesting for owners, investors or developers of businesses with significant fossil energy flows.

Sparking a clean future.

As the new kid in town, StellaPower is sparking the investment in a clean energy with project equity the means to generate, store and use own clean energy. Because if you want to sustain the world we live in, you’ll have to spark the electrification of your energy sources.

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